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None whatsoever. You can cancel our service at anytime, even if you are part way through a subscription period. There are no clever penalty charges. You will only pay for the days you have used the service.

When joining you will only pay the introductory trial month today. The subscription period you choose after the trial will automatically be charged at the start of the following month.This is so there is no interuption to your service. Please don’t worry, you are completely free to cancel at anytime, with no penalty. Remember you also have our 30 day back money guarantee! We want you to have a great experience with our trusted service!

Oh yes! This is a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are not happy you can get a 30 day refund on your subscription.

Via emails sent out, via our free of charge text message service. Or through your members section on our website.

It’s really important to discipline yourself to bet in accordance with our tipsters advice and staking points plan. Tipster’s naturally go through winning and losing streaks and therefore to get you into long term profit you need a sufficent starting bank to overcome any initial unforeseen losing streaks. 

Tipsters refer to a point rather than a sum of money as every person should bet within their means. Some people might be betting at £10 per point, others at £2/point and some might be at £100/point. So if we recommend 1 point at 8/1 and your betting at £10/point, then that’s an £80 return, plus your £10 stake back. This is all about what betting bank you are starting off with. Richard recommends a 150 point betting bank so at £5/point your betting bank should be £750; at £10/point it should be £1500. As your bank increases then your amount per point can rise.     See our blog post about betting bank and staking plan for more information.

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