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Hanbury Racing celebrates three years of tipping – making 1600 points profit at an outstanding 35% Return On Investment

Hanbury Racing celebrates three years as a horse racing tipping service, and in that time has established itself as one of the very best horse racing tipsters in the industry showing 1600 points profit at an outstanding Return on Investment of 35%.

The Hanbury Racing service started in June 2020 after Richard Hutchinson was the mastermind behind winning the coveted Tote Ten to Follow Jumps 2020 competition, bagging £188113.15 pence for his syndicate.

Richard say’s ‘Winning the Tote Ten to Follow Jumps 2020 was so exciting, and such a buzz. But more importantly, it gave me some breathing space financially to set up the Hanbury Racing tipping service’.

‘I had no idea what sort of profit I needed to show and after researching the marketplace, I found the good tipsters make between 10-25%, whereas the exceptional (select few) tipsters make over 25%’

‘So far, I have made between 28% and 43% ROI per year which has averaged out at over 35%, so I’m really happy for my customers!’

He goes on to say ‘Reflecting on the last three years, it’s just flown by, and I’ve loved every minute of it! I am lucky to have turned my biggest passion in life, horse racing, into a successful career, and it’s amazing to think I’m one of the very best horse racing tipsters in the world at British & Irish (Jumps & Flat) horse racing.’

‘I feel blessed, and love looking for big-priced winners, I feel excited every day clicking onto races looking for these massive priced winners and doing detailed write-ups giving the rationale behind the selection. They crop up most days but are hard to find, I guess it’s similar to mining for gold nuggets in the Australian outback – it’s just so exciting. Plus, I get to watch the race and shout home the winners – I just love the lifestyle.

However, it’s not all good news as Richard explains ‘going for outsiders means you get fewer winners, but when they win you make more money, but the losing steaks are tough because I know my customers are going through a losing period. I feel every loss for my customers and it’s easy to get down and grumpy when the winners don’t flow. But luckily, I have a good mental attitude through playing County level sports and that helps me stay level-headed and focussed. I’ve learned that my process of finding winners works and the next big cluster of winners is just around the corner.’

‘Like last year I had my worst run in July, August, and September, but bounced back in October and one of my customers won £42333 when I had a 50/1, and 20/1 winner on the same day, with a 50/1 third. It was amazing to hear how excited my customer was – I was so pleased for him.

So, it’s personal for Richard and in his perfect job he intends to carry on tipping for the rest of his lifetime ‘. I hope people will join Hanbury Racing and enjoy the ride!’

Click here to join Hanbury Racing for a 14-day trial for as little as £7.19.

MEGA Tipsters Record Month

Month – December 2020

Profit to £25 Stake: £4,381
Points Profit: 175.25
ROI:  146.04%

Tipster of the Month

Month – February 2021

Profit to £25 Stake: £1,325
Points Profit: 53
ROI: 56%

Portfolio Performance

Profit to £25 Stake: £12,724
ROI :  27%