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Hanbury Racing tips 50/1 and 20/1 winners on the same day to help customer win over £42000

So, can you make money paying for professional horse racing tips? Well, the answer is most definitely yes, if you follow Hanbury Racing Tips!

Paul Molloy is a very happy man after signing up to Hanbury Racing tips in October 2022 and winning a staggering £42333.22 in his first month’s membership thanks to 50/1 and 20/1 winners, plus a 50/1 third place.

He combined Hanbury Racing’s three picks, 50/1 Mr. Rango, 20/1 Downforce, and 50/1 Tyrion’s Dream, and added one of his own 7/1 shots into a £5 each way accumulator.

His 7/1 Tarhib, was first to win, then 50/1 Mr Rango was backed into 14/1 and won easily.

The third leg of the incredible win was 20/1 Downforce, who was also backed into 14/1 and came through to win decisively.

Hanbury Racing had pulled off a 1000/1 double and with the 7/1 in the bag, Molloy was looking at a four-timer that was going to pay £2.18 million!

He just needed 50/1 Tyrion’s Dream to come good.

This is when he checked the cash-out option which offered £42333.22 and realised Bet365 had a £1 million maximum payout.

So, what would you do? Cash out and take the £42.3k, or let it all ride to win £1 million on a 50/1 shot in a 20-runner handicap?

Well after a few anxious thoughts, Mr Paul Molloy decided to cash out and take the whooping £42333.33k payout and was celebrating wildly!

That was until the fourth leg of the bet ran. The circumstances had now changed, and he wanted to see 50/1 Tyrion’s Dream trail in last, to cement his cash-out decision as the right one.

But he was in for a scare as Tyrion’s Dream wasn’t listening to the script and scorched into the lead, bagging the rail. He led the field into the final furlong, and it was squeaky bum time for Paul Molloy who thought he had cost himself £957,000, but thankfully two horses overtook the gallant Tyrion’s Dream in the last 50 yards to relegate him to third.

So, it was a rollercoaster of emotions for Molloy, the buzz of the big wins, the joy of bagging £42.3k, then the fear of almost making the wrong decision to cash out.

It was a happy conclusion and Paul said ‘Yeah, I was freaking out a little hoping he (Tyrion’s Dream) wouldn’t win, then crazy, but some buzz!

So can you make money from a professional horse racing tipster, if you join up with Hanbury Racing!

Click here to sign up now for a 14-day trial costing just £7.19.

Was this profit a flash in the pan? Most certainly not, as Hanbury Racing has made a profit 7 out of the last 9 months at a whopping 37% Return on Investment.

This ties in closely with his all-time stats since June 2020 where he has shown 1600 points profit at 35% ROI which shows you can make long-term sustainable profits following Hanbury Racing.

To get the best long-term memberships deals on Hanbury Racing email Richard at hello@megatipsters.co.uk

MEGA Tipsters Record Month

Month – December 2020

Profit to £25 Stake: £4,381
Points Profit: 175.25
ROI:  146.04%

Tipster of the Month

Month – February 2021

Profit to £25 Stake: £1,325
Points Profit: 53
ROI: 56%

Portfolio Performance

Profit to £25 Stake: £12,724
ROI :  27%